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A project like the Russell Township Sports Dome is truly a project for the entire community and needs to be built by the community. The Kin Club of Russell has agreed to take on the task of helping make this project a reality.

The motto of the Kin Canada is “Serving the Community’s Greatest Need.” The Kin Club of Russell knows that a sports dome will enhance our community for seniors, adults and children alike.

However, we cannot do it without you. We will need to raise $400,000 – $500,000 after provincial, federal and municipal grants. Donations come in many different ways such as corporate donations, donations in kind, group/service club donations and sport club donations and through individual families donating or holding events to raise funds.

  • Recently, the Club Optimiste d’Embrun and The Co-operators (Philippe Ryan Agent) raised $12,065.00 with a golf tournament they held for the Sports Dome.
  • The Watson family held a Comedy Night, raising $11, 400.00 with all proceeds being donated to the Sports Dome project.
  • The Russell Optimiste Club raised $467.00 with a BBQ for the Sports Dome.
  • Also, the annual Russell Run donated their proceeds, $1,165.00 to the Sports Dome.
  • Amber Theiner held a Princess Ball which raised $2,000.00 for the Sports Dome.

Please contact Doug Anthony at kindoug27@gmail.com to talk about sponsorship opportunities.


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