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During the winter months, there are many sports groups who cannot secure adequate facilities to continue training and participating in their chosen sport … read more


Your donation can make this sports dome a reality.   This facility will give our community a much needed venue where people of all ages can access several … read more


How can I contribute to the development of the Russell Dome … read more


Another way to help with just the click of a button – Register to vote at www.avivacommunityfund.org.

Vote between October 11 & 28, 2016 for Russell Township sports dome project to help our community WIN $100,000.00


The first of its kind, not only in Russell Township, but in Prescott-Russell County, the SPORTS DOME will be a multi-sport facility, enabling the residents of our area to enjoy the benefits of exercise and sport throughout the year.

Russell Township has experienced phenomenal growth in the last few years and the needs of the community are evolving. More than ever, as our township grows, we need symbols and traditions that unite our citizens and strengthen our community. The development of a first-class Multi-Sport indoor facility, situated in the core of our community,  would serve as a catalyst for promoting active and healthy lifestyles and would foster strong community values as our township continues to grow and change.

This is a public project, initiated by the Kin Club of Russell in partnership with Russell Township.



André-Philippe Gagnon is Back!

André-Philippe Gagnon, the legendary man of a thousand voices, will be appearing at the Embrun Community Centre on Friday, February 17th, 2017 from 1800 – 2200 hours. All proceeds from the Corporate Gala will go directly to the Russell Township Sports Dome. Read More

Dôme sportif: les citoyens de Russell s’expriment

Près d’une centaine de citoyens du canton de Russell ont eu l’occasion d’exprimer leurs souhaits et leurs attentes sur le projet de dôme sportif, mardi soir.

La consultation publique était animée par le Kin Club de Russell, organisme sans but lucratif instigateur du projet. «Je suis vraiment satisfait non seulement du nombre de participants à la rencontre, mais également par les commentaires qui ont été reçus», a souligné Doug Anthony membre du Kin Club impliqué dans la collecte de fonds pour le dôme sportif.Read More

Russell sonde ses citoyens sur le projet de dôme sportif

La Municipalité de Russell dans l ‘Est ontarien a tenu une consultation publique, mardi soir, afin de sonder la population sur un projet de dôme sportif. Les citoyens étaient invités à faire part de leurs attentes quant aux sports qu’ ils aimeraient être en mesure d ‘y pratiquer.

Il a entre autres été question d’ un terrain de soccer, d ‘une piste de course, d’ un mur d ‘escalade et d’ un terrain de tennis.

Read More

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